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Skimountaineering in Triebental

Project goal:

    + Securing retreat zones for wild animals especially chamois and black grouse
+ Keeping clear the young forest areas of ski tourism facilities
+ Maintenance of existing, generally described ski routes
+ redirection from newly formed ski trails, crossing the retreat zones or young forest areas
The ultimate goal is the voluntary observance of the wild animals- and forest- rest areas by the skimountaineerer!

Project partners:

+ Forestry Administration Admont
+ Styrian animal welfare ombudsman
+ Academic Alpine Club section Graz
+ Naturfreunde Styria
+ Municipality & Tourism Hohentauern
+ Mountain Rescue Hohentauern
+ Local innkeeper

Project supervision:

    + Wild Biological office Veronika Grünschachner-Berger


    + Handouts with tour descriptions incl. retreat zones
Triebental East
+ Display boards at the parking areas with tour descriptions incl. retreat zones
+ Signs along the marked routes