Gastgeber suchen:

Skiing and "Aprés skiing"

"Skiing in Hohentauern is an anchor point for us during the winter season", says Sepp Fröhlich and smiles as the sun is shining above Hohentauern. Born and raised in Hohentauern the physicist knows where to find perfect snow and how to ski far away from mass tourisme. "And in between, we enjoy the splendid panorama of the Niedere Tauern from the heavenly place at "Wichtelhütte", says his wife cheerfully.

Stay On The Track

Lara from Hohentauern and Kilian, who is often here on holiday with his family, know the cross-country tracks of Hohentauern like the back of their hands. To dash around is always great fun to them, but for the kids the coolest thing is of course the mogul slope at the cross-country center. Take a break on the cloud bench at Draxlerhaus!

Ski Mountaineering

Glistening snow and blue sky - perfect ingredients for a ski mountaineering tour! Siegi, host of the Bergerhube, and his daughter take a little break to go ski mountaineering with their dogs whenever possible. "After we're back strengthend to serve our guests", says Siegi, who would like to have more time for such tours in the snow. At least a short rest is possible on the cloud bench in front of Bergerhube.


"Sharp edges for my sledge", wishes Marion. She loves to dash from the Edelrautehütte down to the valley with her friends. "We like to walk up in the sunshine and rent the sledge at Edelrautehütte, not forgetting to take a photo at the cloud bench in front of the Edelrautehütte." If you do not want do walk, go up with the sledge-taxi. After a lovely visit to the Edelrautehütte they sledge down in the dark with headlamps.

Hike like Big Foot

"We meet for snowshoeing regularly", says Simone and reveals the reason with a wink: "It is so easy walking uphill through the deep snow, so we still get enough air for chatting." The two friends leave a persisting mark not only with their snowshoes but also with their good spirits. If it is too exhausting, the cloud bench on the "Hölleralm" invites you to sit down and draw a deep breath.

Cool on ice

It is quite slippery on the ice, but only the ice stock should whiz on the rink. In Hohentauern experienced "Eisschützen" show you the correct handling. "I enjoy to spend a few pleasent hours outdoors in good company", tells Sepp, the "king of the rink". From the cloud bench next to the ice rink of Alpenhotel Lanz, you have a good view of the fun.

Winter Wonderland

"No day is like the other and there is always something new to discover in nature", says Hans when he tells stories of his long winter walks in Hohentauern. "While walking you have the perfect pace to perceive everything around - tracks in the snow, birds chirping, the beautiful snow crystals ..." After the walk you can warm up in the "Pfahlbaudorf".

Take pictures at the heavenly places and get a gift: Take a photo of you and your family/your friends at 3 different cloudframes and show them at the tourist office, where you will get a gift.