Gastgeber suchen:

We are already "a bit closer to the sky" in Hohentauern - 1274 meters above sea level to be precise. But there's more: Follow us to the "7 heavenly  places" and enjoy the tranquility and views on the "cloud benches"!

1st heavenly Place - Wasserweg

Always equipped with binoculars and a camera, Heinz Kolland, grocer and amateur ornithologist, roams the magnificent nature: "One has not got to travel far to encounter the wonders of nature. With a little calmness and patience you can find them on the "Wasserweg" in Hohentauern."

2nd heavenly Place- Moaralm

Student Simone enjoys the crystal clear creeks on her hiking-tour to Moaralm : "It is the simplest things that make me the happiest."

3rd Heavenly Place - Wichtelhütte

"Sometimes I prepare a breakfast-picnic for our guests here on the way to Wichtelhuette. I get it: Here I'd prefer to not only have breakfast, but to wake up too, " maid Heidi says about her heavenly place high above the village of Hohentauern.

4th Heavenly Place - Triebenstein

Mayor Heinz Wilding is already  on his way to "Triebenstein" in the early morning: "If I enjoy this splendid panorama in the morning, nothing else can worry me during the day.

5th Heavenly Place - Hasensattel

"Most often I enjoy the "Hasensattel" at dusk or dawn. At this time it is the most beautiful there," reveals our municipal doctor Nikolaus Höfler. Obviously, it is the best time for the avid hunter.

6th Heavenly Place - Hölleralm

Mountain rescuer Christiane risks nothing in her limited spare time: "The "Hölleralm" is always a safe choice for a nice relaxing walk - alone or with the entire family."

7th Heavenly Place - Scheibelsee

The secret recipe of apprentice chef Jürgen is to take a little rest: "The "Scheibelsee" is the most beautiful place to relax for me. Enjoying the reflecting water, watching the fish... this one would be nice filled with mushrooms and a hint of thyme and a side of potatoes with parsley"

Take pictures with you and/or your family/friends on the cloud benches of 3 different "heavenly places", show them at the tourists office and get a gift.